The ASG Team

Neiko Stewart (Chief Strategist and Senior Recruiter)

Being 25 years in the industry and absolutely loving what she does, Neiko Stewart continues to flourish stronger than ever, and Manages to keep the balance between being a magnetic entrepreneur and president of her own consulting firm, Aneu Strategies Group Inc., a dedicated IT professional, a committed leader, and a loving mother.

Sonia Mack (Senior Recruiter & Business Analyst)

Sonia has more than 20 years experience in effective business case research, and process methodologies. Sonia is an expert in identifying 'good quality metrics'. Sonia ensures sustainable and consistent quality. Sonia delivers expertise in quality planning, quality control (compliance), quality assurance, and quality improvement. Sonia governs our ASG Quality Management Techniques, ie. Kaizen & BPR.

Brittany Scott (HRM & Talent Acquisition)

Brittany brings 15 years of HR and recruitment experience. Brittany delivers all aspects of human resource management and professionalism for our clients and internal staff combined. Brittany brings her knowledge to ASG to propel us to utilize best practices and to retain the top talents within our selected industries.

Our PMO Executive Management Team

At ASG, we focus on our people. We strongly believe that internal satisfaction is a key success factor which will allow us to grow and pave a new direction within this challenging and ever-changing market.

Meet the members that define ASG. Each individual is the essence that makes Aneu Strategies a dynamic, fast paced business analysis company. They perform with due diligence on exciting projects delivering rapid, cost-effective, strategic analysis, and management information to senior executives across a variation of industry sectors. These professionals help ASG meet demand for the expert analysis and visualization that supports key decision-making with our clients.

Melanie Cabauatan (DM & PM)

Melanie has professional experience with Document Management. She brings an essence to ASG by creating our documentation, providing research and offering our clients an effective written documentation that clearly articultates the needs and services of ASG.

LaChelle Caison (Lead PM)

LaChelle has 20 years in IT/PM methodologies. As a professional change agent, she champions each project goal and uses her skills and expertise to inspire a sense of shared purpose within the project team. She enjoys the organized adrenaline of new challenges and the responsibility of driving ASG's business results.