Our Recruiters

Nigel Stewart (Talent Acquisition)

Nigel is a HR professional who specializes in sourcing, identifying and hiring specific types of employees for ASG. Nigel represents ASG with pure professionalism. Nigel brings his wealth of experience and ability to collaborate with the ASG recruitment team to provide the best in their class talented professionals to our clients globally.

Cheryl Johnson (Recruiter)

Cheryl brings 30 years of recruitment experience to ASG. Cheryl has the distinct ability to discern a candidate’s true sense of skills and ability in order to match them perfectly with our clients. Cheryl understands that matching a candidate’s skills to our clients needs is essential to a successful project and employment completion.

Sonia Mack (Senior Recruiter & Business Analyst)

Sonia has more than 20 years experience in effective business case research, and process methodologies. Sonia is an expert in identifying 'good quality metrics'. Sonia ensures sustainable and consistent quality. Sonia delivers expertise in quality planning, quality control (compliance), quality assurance, and quality improvement. Sonia governs our ASG Quality Management Techniques, ie. Kaizen & BPR.

Amina Goodwin (Recruiter)

Amina brings her ability and talent for interpersonal communication to interview, source, and screen qualified candidates to present to our clients. Amina’s personality employs a level of ease for our candidates to provide a thorough description of their experience. Amina contributes to ASG’s mission to create relationships with our clients and candidates in order to form the best partnerships that create the best teams.

Najee Stewart (Recruiter)

Najee is a Recruiter for ASG. He brings his gift of gab and strong interpersonal skills to bring out the best abilities within our candidates to ensure that they are being matched to the appropriate client. Najee's charisma and ease of conversation are the prime ingredients needed to build strong relationships with our candidates who've proven to be loyal to ASG.