In the course of providing healthcare reform services, the idea for an easier way for patients to access healthcare and medical information, services, and practitioners was born. Thus, we have these two new web and mobile apps under development. We have a digital platform that will harness artificial intelligence to enhance patient experiences. Medixtration’s analytics provides visibility into an ED performance. This includes data for patient volume, percent of patients admitted, LWBS rate, door to provider, door to bed, bed to provider, LOS for both admitted and discharged patients, and the longest wait time in the waiting room. In addition, to this data, Medixtration also adds real time data from imaging and laboratory, inpatient bed capacity to discharge.


  • Medixtration is an emergency triage app designed to inform the patient on what to do or where to go next in their care pathway.
  • Medixtration helps medical and healthcare providers in making decisions and supports non-clinical staff in assisting patients by using a digital platform and artificial intelligence.
  • Medixtration effortlessly updates patients and families about wait times, facilitates a smooth discharge and proactively meets expectations.
  • Medixtration for clinicians can efficiently go through triage, get accurate ESI and hospital admissions predictions, and maximize hospital resources.


Medixtration emergency triage app takes away the inconvenience and provides real-time healthcare by enabling patients to go to the web or mobile app and access the appropriate kind of healthcare for their condition. Medixtration can easily and accurately identify cases that can self-treat, qualify for telehealth, consult their primary care, or seek immediate medical treatment.

Medixtration emergency triage app greatly reduces ER overcrowding because the cases that the app will send to the hospital are those that were already pre-diagnosed as requiring urgent immediate attention. Doctors and healthcare providers also have the option to provide telehealth consultations for queued patients.


Hospitals can save billions by improving operational inefficiencies: According to a study from the Journal of the American Medical Association, About $140 billion is lost every year in the US healthcare system due to inefficient management of basic internal operations.




$18B in healthcare savings per year when patients are led to proper care

25% of cases can be self-treated or treated through telehealth services

24/7 access to care, right from their homes

50%+ decrease in ED LWBS

10-20% decrease in ED LOS

Simple and straightforward interface

24 -hours responsive customer support

Highly intelligent AI

Up-to-date information

Health Support Management


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Frequently asked questions

The app is free for consumers – we do have a fee associated with various health systems to help them to keep maintain a continued connection with potential clientele that will utilize their emergency services.

Yes, the app can be used by anyone and it is available for android and apple products.

This idea was created over 22 years ago, when the owner wanted a more efficient way for consumers to get the attention, needed by assisting the healthcare systems with an efficient form of triage; from the consumers door to the hospital door. It is really disheartening that our country is still in need of a more effective triage.

Yes, ASG is always looking to add to our remote team. A creative and technical team to join remotely!