Our Philosophy

ASG Philosophy

We work in an atmosphere of continuous and sustainable learning; by recognizing and adopting new conceptual advancments into our best practices from our years of solid working experience. This mindset and culture is what we aim to impart to our clients by giving them the highest standard of service in improving their business processes, and guiding them in sustaining it.

We take pride in our quality of work which is deeply marked with customer focus, business integrity, the drive for initiatives, professional commitment and personal humility.

ASG Value Proposition Statement

ASG provides high-quality service by working closely with our clients to improve their current business state to allow for cost- and time-efficient improved productivity to be sustained.

Business Development.

We will guide you in organizing, strategizing, and managing your business concepts to fruition.

Process Improvement.

ASG will help you lean out and streamline your processes with the use of Six Sigma tools and concepts such as 5s, Lean, and TPM to facilitate increased productivity at a reduced cost.

Policy Development.

Our HR experts will help you develop your company policies by conducting a business analysis and ensuring that these policies are compliant with state and federal regulations.

Organizational Change.

Our team of HR Strategists will guide and help you in evaluating your present organizational structure, job families, job descriptions, career succession planning, and short- and long-term plans to produce a more efficient and adapting organizational structure to allow optimized allocation of your human resources’ skills and expertise.

Strategic Planning.

We will facilitate and assist you in ‘digging deep’ into your company’s Vision and Mission to help you objectively recognize your Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, and Opportunities. These are the main factors we will both focus on in developing your short- and long-term plans to achieve your company’s vision.

At ASG, we walk our talk and we’re great at what we do. Let us work together and share that with you.