Industries We Serve

The ASG approach offers organizations the technique to embrace continuous change, and technology reliance by improving the bottom-line impact of existing 'value propositions'.

To run your core business well, you've got to produce and deliver excellent services, products, and solutions to your customers rapidly and reliably. ASG's proven Business Analysis Techniques and Project Management Methodologies will become your stratgey for success.


ASG offers comprehensive services for industry compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation and health care reform mandates. ASG offers you a realistic, practical approach to actuarial and compliance solutions. ASG's expertise in Exchange design, opeation and implementation, started with or hands on involvement in establishing various community based organizations. Our expertise addresses health care reform compliance and implementation within: Governance and goals for exchanges, Exchange Financing & Sustainability, Actuarial Modeling & Risk Management, Management of Qualified Health Plans and Operations and Related IT.


Operational excellence means eliminating waste from processes..continuously. Productivity introduced the cornerstones of operational excellence-lean and total productive maintenance (TPM) - to the West in the 1980s. More than a set of tools, these methodolgoies depend on systemic change. The principles can be easy to grasp, but not so easy to implement. We are proven experts who consult with manufacturing and service organizations worldwide, using a team-based approach to implementation that makes change sustainable.

Public Sector

ASG believes that the most effective approaches to reforming public service. We deliver operational excellence and continuous improvement, unlocking productivity for our clients, staff and front line. We are able to leverage new technologies to break through constratints. We offer years of experience in working with the top tiers of government to remove costs and we are well practiced in the art of removing obstacles to cost reduction.


Today's retailers operate in a competitive economic environment. Faced with changing business models and rising costs, companies are confronting ever-changing economic challenges. Traditional retailers are losing sales to the in demand online sector, and weak consumer confidence in the national economies is resulting in retailers cutting prices and margins to drive sales. ASG has the industry expertise, and the professional commitment to help you navigate through these challenges.

Financial Services

ASG partners with leading hedge funds, investment banks, and financial institutions to provide best-in-class financial professionals on a consulting, project, and direct hire basis. Our experience in the financial services space, ensures we have a deep understanding of your needs. Pairing this tenured experience with the reach and service offerings of our offices, ASG can serve you in a myriad of ways, with an expert hand guiding you at every turn.


ASG provides recruitment of insurance and risk management professionals. No client is too big or too small for ASG. Our clients include Insurance Agencies and Brokers, MGA’s, MGU’s, TPA’s, and Insurance Companies. ASG has one main mission: To help insurance industry employers strategically acquire strong talent so they can excel and become more successful. To that end, we strive to find candidates that stand out from the rest, and make every effort to be the best that they can be.


ASG understands how to effectively recruit for nonprofit organizations, foundations, and educational institutions. As an established name in nonprofit search we connect leading nonprofit organizations to impeccable talent. We thrive at placing real and experienced people at social causes who are ready to wrap their arms around your mission, feed their respective passions, and in turn help our nonprofit community.No matter the level of search service you require, our experienced and knowledgeable recruiters are ready to support you!